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Once he was cooked (still alive and talking) I ate him slowly, he was very pleased to be “nourishing” me and after a while he thanked me and said he’d enjoyed the conversation a lot.

He asked if I would eat something so he could hear, maybe an apple, if he rang again.

People always ask how you managed to talk to him without laughing, but the answer is that it was too surreal to be funny.

Me eating some chicken nuggets, a bit more enthusiastically Only one call turned my stomach and left me shaken afterwards, needing a hug from the boyfriend, the content kept turning to all the ‘taboo’ topics that are too triggering to list here.

He called and explained the scenario to me: I was to be his owner and he was to be my pet chicken, he lived in the garden and was very trusting of me but I was to bring him into the house and cook him as part of a roast dinner and eat him. I lured the chicken into the house, plucked his feathers, washed him, stuffed him, and then cooked him in the oven as I prepared the vegetables.

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