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Simply put, al-Qaeda does not exist in Afghanistan and 60,000 troops with the hope of stabilizing the Afghan central government which may or may not succeed in 5-10 years time will not defeat al-Qaeda. C.: Hello there, I was recently admitted to the foreign service as a political officer.My parents and girlfriend are adamant that I not include Afghanistan or Pakistan to risk death for a botched war.I don't know if this means we toughen our stance with Pakistan (to the point we threaten our lack of support) or whether we provide support in total with no strings attached.

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Matthew Hoh, a former Foreign Service officer and former Marine Corps captain who last month became the first U. official known to resign in protest over the Afghan war, was online Wednesday, Oct. ET to discuss the reasons why he thought the war "wasn't worth the fight." ____________________ Matthew Hoh: Hi Matthew Hoh here to talk about my resignation from my post in Afghanistan. Upon arriving in Afghanistan and serving in both the East and the South (and particularly speaking with local Afghans), I found that the majority of those who were fighting us and the Afghan central government were fighting us because they felt occupied.

C.: Shouldn't you have known before going to Afghanistan that the war was pretty intractable? What new information did you learn that so completely changed your mind about U. I did have concerns about the endstate of our goals in Afghanistan, but also felt the need to contribute and to continue to serve.

This is a goal best left to NGOs and IOs or through the US government's strategic communications.

But this is a process that will take generations/decades. C.: Do you think there's anything those of us in the F. could do to further push the administration towards your understanding of the war?

Matthew Hoh: I did study quite a bit and I spoke to many friends and colleagues who had previously served in Afghanistan.