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If you're not enjoying yourself, don't play the game; it's that simple." This pre-game media frenzy surrounding Newton is just one example of the libertarian moment all around us.

The moment is cultural as well as political, and insofar as politics gloms onto the culture in the same way government gloms onto the society, the culture's always ahead of the politics.

They say Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn't get called out for it. At , Eric Macramalla argues some fans find Newton arrogant, and that it's his personality that drives criticism. He also argues Newton couldn't possibly experience racism, which is a dim view, but one that gains currency in an environment where so much of the politics racializes.

Rodgers was also criticized for joining the Wisconsin Badgers on the court after a victory at a game he attended, and other players believe it's in poor taste for fans to take selfies with him. Either Newton can't possibly experience racism as a black man or the NFL is like modern day slavery.

It is unknown whether the 4G allele is simply correlated with other possibly causative alleles and whether additional variation at the locus plays a role in determining PAI-1 levels.