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Researchers say disclosure of abuse is typically delayed for about 30 years, which means women assaulted as children are just starting to come to terms with what happened.“In some of our Sylvestre cases, which are (from) the ‘70s, many of the women were victimized under the pretenses of ‘I’m training you to be one of these new, upcoming female altar servers,’" said Talach, who has represented more than 100 victims of clergy abuse, most of them male.“We’ve seen priests using that to look innovative to their parishioners, but in reality it was to allow them access to women if their predilection was female.”Father Donald Holmes, a modern cleric who rode a motorcycle, sported a beard, played hockey and preferred street clothes to his Roman collar, also preyed on girls as they began taking bigger roles in the church.

He was convicted in 2002 of sexually abusing 12 girls around the Sudbury area between 19.

By age 33, Wall deduced most, if not all, of the 195 parishes and hundreds of religious orders in the U. employed “fixers” like him to wipe down crime scenes that involved children.

He quit religious life in disgust and scoffs at the Vatican’s pledge to better protect boys and girls from its surpliced predators.“This is the biggest company in the world, they are not going to shift and move,” Wall said. They’re not going to tell anybody (about criminal behaviour),” he added.

He was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting 47 girls over four decades in southwestern Ontario — despite abuse complaints from victims to police, school and church officials during that time.