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As you can see by my name I am a female, I am married and have been a member of Pogo since the 90’s (although I have changed my player name since then) and a paying Club member since 2003.

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It’s up to us not to allow ourselves to be played for victims, and if we do get played to whatever extent, hopefully we will learn from the experience and not allow it to happen to us again. Considering the posts that were left afterwards I had to write to you.

There were a couple of postings that said to give the unwanted suitor the phone number of their local police or out-of-state police.

When they get no response they will usually move on.

So, please do not give them the number of the police department fire department hospital, business, or a supposed made up number!!

No repayment was ever made although it was promised and I doubt that it ever will be.