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Messenger boss David Marcus says Facebook is "not very focused on making money on Messenger yet.""In the future, if we have enough really awesome experiences between businesses and people, I am sure we will figure out a way to monetize at some point," he said.Chat bots are chat robots — interactive software powered by artificial intelligence often with an assist from humans — that are designed to simulate human conversation. and Europe, chat bots have taken off in Asia, where messaging services such as We Chat help users schedule doctor's appointments, shop for the latest styles, play games or the lottery and send money to friends.

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Entrepreneurship, innovation, and the courage to try are at the core of her writing.

Mercedes-Benz has launched a new Facebook Messenger Chatbot service in the Middle East that offers Mercedes car owners to have quick access to information through instant messaging.

Facebook's M digital assistant Facebook Messenger is also giving software developers access to the tool it used to build M, its digital assistant that uses a combination of human and artificial intelligence to order take-out, send flowers or answer questions.

The idea is to give developers the ability to build more complex bots that can interpret intent from natural language and continuously learn so they can better respond to requests."If you can make it as easy as sending a text, you open up all types of new activity," said Robin Chan, CEO of Operator, which has a shopping bot that is part of the Facebook Messenger launch.

Facebook announced that businesses would be able to start using their messenger platform to buy and sell products and offer customers support.