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Moderator Conduct: Your selection as a chat moderator is based on your demonstration of active participation in the chat room and a belief in your even temperament and ability to exercise sound judgment. No excessive unwelcome private messaging – Ask first. No scrolling text, excessive audio emoticons or other disruptive activity. Do not drop web addresses or links in the chat room for commercial sites or products. Enforcement of Rules: Whenever possible, chat moderators are asked to exhaust other options prior to kicking, disabling or banning a chat user.Moderators are expected to follow all the rules we enforce. Chat users will frequently respond in a positive manner to polite counseling. Others will realize their errormand will correct their behavior when it is pointed out.IP Information: An IP address identifies a particular user’s computer.

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The fact that this is a transgender chat room makes it unsuitable for young children.

The PG rating indicates that X rated chat is not allowed, but does allow for chat about adult oriented transgender issues such as how to tuck the penis for a male to female transgendered person.

Some are from transgender dating sites and some are from more adult oriented sites.

We generally do not restrict membership in the chat network, but we do expect all chat users and members to abide by a simple set of rules.

This page has been developed to assist moderators in understanding chat room rules and enforcement policies.