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You have 2 options here: either you can use the timer on your camera phone, or you can get a smartphone camera remote and stand.Some people are under the impression that photo editing is too complicated or expensive for them. Before uploading an image taken by your phone, realize that just a few easy (and free) photo edits can make a huge difference in the quality of your shot.

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For instance, your nose may look larger than it is.

There’s only one true solution for this, and that is to take your pictures from farther away than your arm can reach.

What you learn may help you begin your Legacy journey in the right direction, or it may cause you to make a U-turn and begin practicing new principles. Topics include: Researching with Legacy: Mastering Events and Chronologies.

One of the most difficult, yet most important aspects of your genealogy research is properly entering the data you find into your genealogy program.

Keep this mind as you choose your photographer, as many of them sell prints as their main means of income and will be hurt when you don’t comply.