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My friends have faced such bitter experience for being “out”, particularly in rural areas.Another friend came out to his family and his father had a heart attack when he found out.As foreigners in Sri Lanka, we had a lovely time, completely trouble free and found the locals to be very friendly, kind-hearted people.

The draconian laws from the British colonial era (sections 365 of the Sri Lankan Penal Code 1886) criminalising gay sex (“carnal intercourse”) with up to 10 years in prison and a fine are still in place unfortunately.

in 1995 the Sri Lankan judiciary threw gay Sri Lanka backwards by amending this law to criminalise acts of “gross indecency” with a fine and up to 2 years in prison (section 365A).

It makes appropriate coordination with civil and military agencies, apprehends criminals, and take appropriate legal actions after the commitment of crime.

The department also has the Police Human Rights Division which was established in 2002 with a mandate to examine and prevent human rights violations with which their officers may be charged while on duty.

If a suspicious bag was found without an owner, people panicked and ran away.