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” I thought he was being funny, and I said,“Haha, why exclusive? ” Me being nice, I said “Haha, you probably are or you’re trying to make me laugh.” Then he asks me if I wanted a fall or summer wedding? You don’t really haveto try hard and get creative, a hello would be suffice, but obviously it has to follow through with a good conversation which depends on the situation and the person you are speaking to.

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I told myself ONLY two weeks, and later on decided I’d use it for a month, and then it went on for slightly longer than a month.

You’re probably thinking it isn’t long enough to make a judgement about an app, but I think if you end up swiping 100 men a day, and you don’t even meet that amount of guys everyday.

Malaysian Muslim clerics have consistently maintained that Valentine’s Day a Christian celebration, and promoted promiscuity and immoral activities.

The “Beware of the Valentine trap” campaign discourages Muslims to ask someone to be his or her “Valentine” as it is an act against the Islamic faith and would invoke the wrath of god.

I would crown him the best among the rest, given the fact that this is a one month observation, he earned it.