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In fact, the study found that the difference in life satisfaction between couples who had sex less than once a month and those who had it once a week was bigger than the difference between couples who were quite poor, making between ,000 to ,000 annually, and those who were much wealthier, making between ,000 and ,000.

Peer-facilitated conversations, like the ones conducted in the U4U caravan, allow her to be more comfortable when talking about relationships, sex, and everything in between.

A variant of Jon from Hebrew, meaning "God's gracious gift".

It's the first study that finds that copulation could be one of those activities that offers diminishing returns.

Before looking up from this and glaring at your spouse, however, be aware that this research and most experts stress that sex is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement—one person's feast is another's starvation diet.

Since U4U was launched in January 2014, Singh said they have been seeing young people responding well to the campaign and vowing to help spread the word to their peers. What we need to do is to arm them with the correct information and services,” Singh added.