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Greeks were convinced that the (y) sperm is located in the right testis and the x-sperm in the left testis, so Greek men tied their left testis to prevent female’s embryos, but the Indian man held his left testis tightly during intercourse for the same reason. So, we can calculate the time of ovulation and determine the time of intercourse according to the desired sex.

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Ovulation kits are now widely available and drug and grocery stores everywhere, or you can do a quick web search for a ton of tips on how to tell when you are ovulating. Male sperm are the faster swimmers, but they also die super fast.

Female sperm can hang around for a while and take their time getting to the egg.

Since the eighties the researches are done in order to determine the gender of the baby, which is determined by the type of chromosome in that particular sperm (X-Chromosome) or (Y-Chromosome). This method depends on the molecular Weight of the sperm; researchers found that the y-sperm has a low molecular weight, so it is faster in movement but lives shorter.

At the same time the oocyte only contains X-Chromosome so when fertilization occurs between an x-sperm and an oocyte, the embryo will be a female (xx), while if a Y sperm meets the oocyte then the embryo will be a male (xy). On the other hand, the x-sperm has a heavier weight then slower motion, but lives longer.

When there is a high sodium and potassium intake, and a low calcium and magnesium in the female’s diet, the oocyte wall will change to attract the (y-sperm) and exclude the (x-sperm) and at the end will produce a male baby. -chicken without its skin especially breast part, turkey. ’ The patient should follow the described diet for at least two months before stimulating the ovary, and before that we should complete these investigations: 1- Sodium and potassium level for those who desire a baby boy.