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But the point is: The money should be sent Western Union or Money Gram. They will give a seller your shipping address and ask to re-ship it to them (re-shipping scam).

You get letters from their kids, doctors, lawyers, hotel managers. You might even be held liable for cashing fake checks and considered a fraudster yourself by your local authorities. Another twist: they bought something online, but a seller wont ship to Africa.

So, basically, the majority cheats and either doesn’t get caught or people do not divorce for cheating. Mammoni is a cultural phenomenon where the mother basically breast feeds the children into their forties. On average people do not marry until their 30’s, and they don’t move out of their parents house until they marry. On a different note, everyone in Florence seems to love dogs and they spoil the shit out of them (pun intended, hey oh! Oliver’s head gets rubbed down and molested every four feet while we’re on a walk. Most of the apartments, restaurants, etc are COLD in the winter (compared to the US). It seems that everyone smokes and it’s the only place I’ve witnessed three generations sharing a smoke together: Grandma, Mother, And teenage daughter. Sitting down to have a nice, big, cup of coffee is not common. To give you an example of north vs south reasoning, it’s common to hear these things, “Oh, she’s from Milan so she’s probably really rich and snobby,” or, “Oh he’s from the South so he probably beats his wife and doesn’t work.” And no I’m not exagerating. Way to go Italy, you totally just lost the new Di Vinci by being cheap. Also, it’s not uncommon for people to spend 10 years earning a bachelors degree.

Cheating has long been known to be a part of Italy’s culture and is often encouraged, rewarded, and approved by peers. After they stop breast feeding, they send liters of their breast milk to be used as coffee creamer or in cereal. This is mainly due to economic issues and more recently, Mammoni. Heat is very expensive and nobody uses it as much as we do in the US. Keep whining about your 4 dollar per gallon gas people, it’s like 4 dollars PER LITER here. Everyone says they are Catholic, and Athiest at the same time. And when you ask someone “how is school going,” the response is often, “really, really difficult.” 17.

Obviously, a lot of these things are generalizations, things I’ve heard from my husband or our Italian friends but written in a humorous and exaggerated way for my own amusement.