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Men find this quality extremely disrespectful, and it is.If you make plans keep them or at least give enough time to cancel the date.His dating site Date Me has over 25,000 registered users and many of the users are single mums.

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Sounds great and for the most part it is, but men often complain that the sex fades quickly.

It is like going from driving a super charged Formula One (F1) car for the first six months of the relationship to sitting in a Toyota Pro Box that has no engine.

Some men think women trick them into believing they are sex machines.

This helps draw them into a relationship or even marriage, but it soon fades and excuses start popping up: “I’m tired”, “I’m not in the mood” or “I’ve got to look after the kids”.

If he already has kids from another relationship then this is perhaps the best situation as you understand each other’s stresses and can share the load.6.