Live chat no email good opening line for online dating

Since I can no longer do this I figured I would try the new chat feature. For a while it said “Chat Busy” and “Click to see the Chat Wait Time” but there was nowhere that I could actually click to see this.

I waited for a while and snapped some screenshots of chat being unavailable and I noticed the phone wait time climb and climb from 7 minutes, 46 minutes, 54 minutes, and finally to 71 minutes!!!!

If they had a system that made any audio or visual indication to the person seeking help?

I am a customer of and they have an awesome chat system in place.

So I definitely was not going to be calling on the phone this afternoon.

I eventually noticed the chat button had been enabled so I clicked it.

Update 5/15/14: It appears Godaddy hasn’t fixed any of the issues here even though I’m getting quite a bit of traffic from this blog post, and a decent amount of the traffic is coming from Godaddy offices according to my logs.