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Count Gebhard’s grandson, Rudolf I, Bishop of Würzburg (892–908) consecrated a church at Seck to Saint Kilian.

Seck had its first documentary mention on by King Heinrich IV. Its great parish reached through Rennerod and Lasterbach all the way to Oberrod.

Prince Moritz Heinrich of Nassau-Hadamar had the Secker Weiher (pond) built in 1672, and shortly thereafter also the Schlösschen (little residential castle) at Seck, still known locally as the Alte Burg (“Old Castle”).

Along with the Principality of Nassau-Hadamar, Seck passed to the Grand Duchy of Berg in 1806 and later to the Duchy of Nassau.

Rangsangan ini adalah naluri semulajadi (nature) semua makhluk hidup untuk menyambung generasi seterusnya agar baka tidak terpupus.