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Alex, an 18-year-old who goes to a private all-girls school in the Midwest (and also asked that we not use her real name), said she uses the site and personal video requests as a way to explore her own sexuality.

“I’m learning more about myself every day, like if a guy asks a request or something that I’ve never done or never heard, it’s a learning experience, in a way,” Alex told Fusion.

(She requested that we not use her real name for privacy.) “My family has no money, so when this opportunity came up, I was like, ‘Wow this is real, I can do this, I’m comfortable with it, it’s really gonna make a difference.’” My Girl Fund’s founder and CEO, known only as Brian, estimates that around a third of the site’s members are students.

“I think college girls do really well on the site because they’re intellectually stimulating, in a way,” the site’s director of development, who goes by Stefan, told Fusion.

An agriculture student with a full course load, she decided to become a “camgirl” on the site when the two part-time jobs she held down weren’t providing enough of an income.