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So, I try this site to help form my destiny for a possible relationship with a nice man whom I can share life with, forever. Let's get a chance to get to know each other, who knows :)!! Mark, 23 years old, the eldest is a Computer Science graduate and is running an Internet caf business. I worked in the office for 21 years but now I'm self-employed. I should say he must possess a quality of good character(but I'm not saying a is perfect).

I am not much to look at as you can see from my pic. It will take a little effort to make me laugh and so much effort to make me lose my temper. And Michael the youngest is in his 4th year college taking up Computer Science for 8 years. am successful in my chosen career but something is amiss---can you help me? My name is Elma from the beautiful country of Philippines, I'm very much single and never been married. I will never give up for what I have had in my life for strength and patience is my strongest virtue.

I had previous relationships during my younger days, but I wasn't able to find a good partner in them.