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She was not able to find any original Playboy Bunny uniforms, so she created her designs based on photos and consultations with Hugh Hefner.

Each of the five female leads received two suits, each of which cost $3,000 and took about 10 hours to make.

The bunnies are excited to learn there will be a contest to be a Playboy magazine covergirl, but for some it means revealing their past.

As new Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne begins training the women, especially new Bunny Maureen to be the perfect bunny, she discovers a dark secret Maureen has been hiding.

They criticized Comcast, owner of NBCUniversal, claiming their decision to carry The Playboy Club violated an agreement it made with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulators during the purchase of NBCUniversal not to broadcast pornographic material over public airwaves.