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Que ce soit votre 1re expérience ou que vous soyez incollable, il y a beaucoup de types de bondages à expérimenter.

Les bondages les plus populaires auprès de nos membres sont l’auto-bondage, le shibari et les bondages japonais, latex et lesbiens.

Upon his arrival to this architectural wonder somewhere in northern Italy, the Franciscan William of Baskerville, sent by the head of his order to prepare an important theological disputation between a delegation representing Pope John XXII and the Franciscan Michael of Cesena, receives news of the mysterious death of an illuminator named Adelmo. Owing to the sensitivity of the matter and the impending arrival of the delegations, and because of the fear gripping the community, the abbot asks William, renowned for his wise discernment, to investigate.

The one presenting the story admits he is "full of doubts" even though he presents the story "as if it were authentic," and we are inclined to agree.

It gets no better once we start reading Adso's story.

The setting of the story is a Benedictine abbey in the theologically and politically turbulent fourteenth century.

For all its erudition and love of learning, its spirituality and saints, despite its famous library and seemingly infinite collections of ancient books, this renowned abbey is also home to ignorance, superstition, and terrible secrets.

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