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The Scottish Football Association (SFA) has joined the campaign supporting players who suffered abuse by coaches to speak out in the wake of revelations south of the border.

At the session we will be discussing how to look after your mental health in later years.

We will also have Christmas card crafts out so we can get crafty as we chat and will also be focusing on the pleasures and pressures of Christmas and how to make it a time when people keep well rather than getting stressed. Taking place during Co-production Week Scotland, this SCN Learning Event will invite participants to explore what can be learned through stories of co-production, and think about how personal and community stories are at the heart of the approach.

A dedicated NSPCC helpline was set up on Thursday with the support of the Football Association, English football's governing body, and received more than 50 calls by 10am.

It came in response to retired players Andy Woodward, Steve Walters, Paul Stewart and David White coming forward to talk about the abuse they suffered as young footballers.

Held at COPE Scotland 20 Drumchapel Rd G15 6QE Book by emailing: [email protected] the Box's Flourishing Borders project is running its second Happiness Habits CafĂ©!