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We work very closely with Professor Karen Milner of Wits University who will work with you to review the team behaviours and interactions. Both parking areas are patrolled by security and monitored by cameras.

She will assist you to understand how different personalities solve problems in You’ve discovered a secret door in your garden, leading to a mysterious room that has been untouched for more than half a century. At night, we recommend you park at the rear parking where the restaurant patrons usually park.

Drawing on the expertise of three Ph Ds in psychology, an architect and a chartered accountant (to verify that all the puzzles can be solved) together with an obsession with escape rooms, we have created an immersive and thrilling experience. Build your team’s capacity to work together, to solve problems creatively and think laterally.

This is an exceptional opportunity to boost your team’s ability to work co-operatively to solve complex problems which require innovative solutions. Arriving for your shift, you find the head office deserted - your colleagues have left to investigate some unusual activity in the mine and never returned. Free parking is available at the Dunkeld West Centre.

Exit Here This web site contains nudity and depictions of graphic sexual material, including explicit depictions of sexual conduct and other materials for mature adult viewers only.

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