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Mostly interested in roleplaying, though I do like to chat from time to time as well. Enjoy younger men who are intelligent and fun...among other things.

I have used sexually some girls as I always had the opinion that if you cant control yourself being a horny wet slut you totally deserve to be... I know you ladies have a lot of shit to dig through on here, so usually I'll send one message if I'm interest...

Grab my body tight don't let me go How you wanna ride just let me know In my sex room, all that I wanted Legs in the air, witcha toes pointed So[Chorus](I got it right here, in my sex room) Songwriters NEVERSON, TREMAINE ALDON/TAYLOR, TROY C./SCALES, TONY E./BRIDGES, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN/UNKNOWN, WRITER Published by Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., DOWNTOWN MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC Song Discussions is protected by U.

This patient is being rehabilitated for minor injuries during scuffle with a human female.

Verse 1: Luda Ha, welcome to my little sanctuary You been lookin so good, all day & you really got a nigga pretty anxious ba-BY Betta call your boss tell 'em that your daddy's home Take a couple days off & take it off & leave nothing but ya tshirt & ya panties on feelin high but im hung real low lookin sorta like a power down yo & power up your i..power down your inhibitions, & power up your inner freak "yes! but enough about me, lemme think should i be worryin about if i can handle you? imma get my video camera lets make a movie baby you the star so as soon as i press record you gots ta do me baby!

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    Here’s how to get started on their chat platform: There are tons of live girls on their platform, so you have the luxury of skipping through people until you find someone that sparks your interest.

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    Then there’s the “Aunt Flo” feature, which let’s you know when your girlfriend or wife gets her period.

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    I can thank YOLO for inspiring me to do something seemingly as tacky as that trucker hat. Word of advice: No matter how good of an idea it sounds at the time.

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    In February 2009, a high school teacher was arrested after having sex with a 14-year-old girl he had met on Tagged.