Submissive women

Submissive isn't synonmyous with boundarylessness or subjugation of free will, although participants in a DS relationship may play consensually with those themes.

It's a subtle distinction, which is why it's easy to find people who are fucking it up.

I'm not gonna get into arguing the politics of it, except to say that my vagina has always been very unconcerned with politics and everything I'm into, I'm into playing out with consenting adults.

But that doesn't mean I haven't encountered my fair share of dickishness in the world of kinky sex.

Don't make degrading or humiliating comments about my body unless we've previously discussed it. You can call me a slut cumdumpster whore until the cows come home and Ima like it. But because of the sheer potential for emotional damage, you should never assume a woman will be into this, even if she likes to be demeaned every other which way.