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No longer do we have to deal with the downright archaic 'semi-colon close bracket' wink face when we have a whole array of suggestive options...We grilled our nearest and dearest about their fave emojis to use while sexting and even asked them to send us some screenshots if they were willing, some were reluctant but most were forthcoming and wonderfully honest.After collecting this important data we have compiled them into a one stop shop for all your sexy emoticon needs...

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Text chat horney iphone

We are a group of designers, developers, and hornballs on a mission to give the people playful, inclusive, and functional sex emoji." Replace that exhausted winking or heart-eyed emojis with something a little more scandalous.

We’re talking strap-ons, boobs of all kinds, a variety of birth control methods, every inch of genitalia imaginable, and blow up dolls galore.

While Instagram might be terrified of the nipple, these emojis are anything but. " sext, prove you're on your A-game with a few horny-mojis.

According to their blog: "Here at Flirtmoji, we think sex is good, natural, important, and fun.

Even our intimate relationships are no strangers to apps.