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Go to bed, then tomorrow maybe write down what you found out by using his phone and leave it where he can find it.That way he cannot scream back at you when you say something and he might have calmed down.I feel so betrayed and he is still lying even with the evidence there staring him in the face!!! I can't live with this at all, we are already not getting along and I have long history of depression - as some of you will know - and he is just messing with my mind but why? I do think this is not on, however trying to put things into perspective for a moment, it is just text messages.

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My ex did it twice to me and each time somehow made me feel I'd imagined it all.

It was only the third time when I found photos that he was unable to get out of it.

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He is denying it but I know its true, I had to use his mobile to text his brother before coz mine is broken and the numbers were there even though he has deleted the actual texts.

I know he hasn't ACTUALLY cheated and he has always said he never would but what the hell am I to believe now?