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Buoyed by the success of 15-rated Deadpool and supported by Jackman's desire to leave a lasting legacy for his defining role, Logan is that rare superhero movie that feels like a full stop rather than a comma.Intentionally distanced from the rest of the X-Men universe and its frankly Gordian timelines, Logan stands alone as the best of the series: a bleak, bold and mold-breaking masterpiece of the genre. Is it when the real-life victims of a tragedy are still raw from the experience?During a recent chat with IGN about their new sci-fi thriller Life, starring Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick opened up to us about the upcoming Deadpool 2, the casting of as Domino, and working with the sequel's new director.

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As part of a sustained effort on my part to watch more films featuring female leads and more films in a foreign language (an effort which so far has resulted in me seeing zero of either), I found myself at Elle, the new movie from Paul Verhoeven. Some two and a half hours later, I still wasn't sure.

Given that it fit those two criteria (Isabelle Huppert? I was told this was an exciting and edgy new thriller from the director of Robo Cop.

What you probably didn't know is that you get to watch her roll around in the sheets with her boyfriend, played by Austin Nichols, before she meets her brutal demise at the hands of the titular psychopath in.

Thumbs up."I've been here before," she says, while being drenched in rain at about the 30-second mark in the video above.

Or is it when - as is the case here - overcompensating for all of the above results in muddled, mawkish melodrama?