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To then, once they get that trust, that’s when they’ll start crossing the line.” According to Norton, many teens are too trusting online. So I can’t tell them what has just happened to me online or what I had just seen.’” Norton stresses that parents must pay attention to where their children are going online and to keep lines of communication open, particularly as the number of online sites used by kids and predators keeps growing.

70 per cent of “friends” are total strangers on Facebook As a test, W5 created its own fake profile page on Facebook, claiming to be a 13-year-old girl living in Ontario.

The newly-created profile featured one photo and included a variety of favourite teen movies, music, and books.

“I thought it was some creepy old guy trying to talk to my son.” And that “creepy old guy” posing as Ashley Matthews was already Facebook friends with thousands of young, 12- to 14-year-old boys. At first, he became angry and was in complete denial. Much to Eric’s and Shea’s shock, Martin was known to both of them. Court documents obtained by W5 reveal that after searching Martin’s house, police found 18 computer hard drives with about 9,500 pictures of child pornography and almost 2,000 movies.

He had taught Eric at Sir William Stephenson School in Whitby, where he was also the school’s photographer. Some of those digital files were of children as young as twelve, who Martin had convinced to strip and perform sex acts on camera.

Many teens had no privacy settings at all and were often posting explicit photos, messages, personal phone numbers, class schedules and home addresses.