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This course will trace the history of these discoveries as they unfolded and discuss how they affected the ways we think about religion, the search for knowledge, and the meaning of human existence.

Class Meetings: Five Mondays; April 3 – May 8; No classes on April 17 (Patriots Day); am – pm* top In the 1920's, F.

He has developed curricula and taught courses in many settings on topics as diverse as the formation of the universe, alternative energy sources and human genetics.

Class Meetings: Five Mondays; February 27 – March 27; am – pm* top From the watchtowers of ancient Babylon to the Hubble Space telescope; from Incan priests to Albert Einstein, new discoveries about the cosmos have changed the human experience.

Our ancestors probed the mysteries of the universe to discover their place in it, to answer profound questions about origins and survival.