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He said this during the Agenda for the Treasury Board meeting held as part of preparation of the 2016 Budget in Ekiti today December 4th.[url] "Today most newspapers reported the story about call by some state governors that the minimum wage of N18,000 be reduced or that there should be massive retrenchment of workers in the public service.

They are on their own and I take exemption to that. Reduction of wages or retrenchment of workers won't happen in Ekiti State.

As part of his Webb's plea, he agreed to forfeit more than $6.7m dollars. diverted $750,000 in emergency funds donated by FIFA and the Korean Football Association intended for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. S authorities from Trinidad to the USA. indictment states: "The conspirators' corruption of the enterprise extended beyond the payment and receipt of bribes and kickbacks."FIFA's provision of money - which totalled in the hundreds of millions of dollars - to its member associations in connection with the Goal Program, Financial Assistance Program (FAP), and other programs created opportunities for officials to embezzle or otherwise fraudulently appropriate funding intended to benefit FIFA's member associations and their constituent organisations, including youth leagues."Certain of the defendants and their co-conspirators, including the defendant Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb, took advantage of these opportunities and embezzled or otherwise personally appropriated funds provided by FIFA, including funds intended for natural disaster relief."US attorney general Loretta Lynch speaking in Washington DC said : "The betrayal of trust is truly outrageous." to FIFA Officials she said,"You will not wait us out and you will not escape our focus."Source: state governor, Ayo Fayose has dissociated himself from calls by some state governors for the reduction of the N18, 000 minimum wage.

According to Fayose, instead of the governors to cut down on the minimum wage which isn't enough, they should cut down on their travels and tours and the number of wives and children they have.

(was put on the last comment threat, but this one isn't as crowded) I pressed enter and it said placement saved, did that with one shack and the max population stayed the same, does it take time to build, or do you have to place down something else other then just a shack for the max population to rise? really buggy so much so that it's literally unplayable.