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Undoubtedly, that period of time allows for more textual corruption in its transmission. If the critics of the Bible dismiss the New Testament as reliable information, then they must also dismiss the reliability of the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Caesar, Homer, and the other authors mentioned in the chart at the beginning of the paper.

On the other hand, if the critics acknowledge the historicity and writings of those other individuals, then they must also retain the historicity and writings of the New Testament authors; after all, the evidence for the New Testament's reliability is far greater than the others.

(Photo: Lori Stiles)Scientists at the University of Arizona's Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) lab in Tucson, Ariz., have radiocarbon dated an ancient Coptic manuscript containing the only known surviving Gospel of Judas at between A. in an international effort to authenticate, restore and translate the codex.

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An expert papyrus conservator then cut the samples at the Geneva workshop.

National Geographic Society Executive Vice President for Mission Programs Terry Garcia flew directly from Geneva to Tucson and hand delivered the samples to Greg Hodgins at UA's radiocarbon dating lab.

Almost all biblical scholars agree that the New Testament documents were all written before the close of the First Century. This is important because it means there were plenty of people around when the New Testament documents were penned--people who could have contested the writings.

In other words, those who wrote the documents knew that if they were inaccurate, plenty of people would have pointed it out.

According to the newly discovered gospel, Judas acted at Jesus' request when he delivered Jesus to Roman authorities.