Ang dating daan debate

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Ang dating daan debate

In short, Willy claims that Daniel Razon got no balls according to ADD criteria. So, Razon could be good for Peking Duck menu but they prefer one who debates.

Imagine, Willy and the ministers are veteran in the battle of the streets and plazas, and suddenly nepotism is creeping in to take away the glory from them. He, he, he…Now, to aggravate the situation few months ago Willy and his cohorts abandoned Soriano and are now appearing in another TV progam in IBC-13 to reveal, guess what, the erroneous doctrines and unchristian activities of Soriano. But of course, Soriano is fuming mad and as a retaliation he issued a …

I mean Excommunication in a very Christian form worst than the Anathema Sit of the Council of Trent against the Protestants and heretics.

Soriano preferred the Pauline language of: “Giving over to Satan”.

For my mouth has commanded it, and his Spirit has gathered them.” Isa.