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A Little Love, a Little Magic / Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008) [DRs] 157. A reason to live / Today / O-neul (2011) [Be FRee] 188. A Separation / Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (2011) [play XD] 192. A Simple Life (2012) [Ckrelea Se / Loo KMa Ne] 194.

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A Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji / Chiyari Fuji (1955) [iago] 99. A Brand New Life / Yeo-Haeng-Ja (2009) [Bi FOS] 103. A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990) [dworn - i MBT - elguaxo] 112. A Chorus of Angels / Kita no Kanariatachi (2012) 118.

A Bizarre Love Triangle / Taekwon Girl (2002) [Atelier / Cetus] 96. A Bloody Aria / Guta-yubalja-deul (2006) [MORi S] 98. A Boxer's Story /Chek ji kuen won (2004) [i NT-ZY] 102. A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) [dworn - i MBT - elguaxo] 111.

Aashiqui 2 (2013) [Sh Aa Ni G / m HD - [DDR] ] 249. AB normal Beauty / Sei mong se jun (2004) [IMBT] 251.

ABCD 2: Any Body Can Dance 2 (2015) [DDR / Hon3y] 256.

A Mother Never Dies / Haha wa shinazu (1942) [Bressoniac (KG) ] 180. A Page Of Madness / Kurutta Ippeji (1926) [Fitzcarraldo] 182. A Piece of Our Life / Kakera (2009) [gandarloda] 184. A Story From Echigo / Echigo Tsutsuishi Oyashirazu (1964) 200. A Street of Love and Hope / Ai to kibo no machi (1959) [Unkabunk] 204. A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) [Co WRY] 208. A Thousand Year Old Fox / Cheonnyeon ho (1969) [WAF] 216.

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