Are leo howard and olivia holt dating 2017

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The 19-year-old singer and actress enlisted her former co-star Leo Howard to play her love interest! Thank you @directorra and the whole crew for working so hard to bring this story to life. thank you for allowing me to tell this story with strength, passion, and raw emotion.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivia Holt “#History is officially out. Thank you @whoisleo for being apart of this and making it so special. I hope you guys love it,” Olivia wrote on Instagram.

Howard is home schooled to accommodate his busy work schedule on Kickin' It and spends most of his time living in the Howard family's home in Studio City, California when he's working, but says he still considers his childhood town of Fallbrook home.

While still devoted to his passion for martial arts, Howard has stated that he has become more careful when it comes to "fighting" and "sparring" matches, due to the potential for injuries that could interfere with his obligations as an actor.

I was OK, I wasn't that great at the start, so they would do cool moves and then poof!