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Prototypes are constructed from ABS or Nylon and are ready within 1 week from time of order.

The prototype will allow you to see the actual physical dimensions of the plastic part and to confidently make decisions as to the part’s final function and appearance.

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Even if you do not have the original drawings, Conteco’s Design and Engineering department can duplicate your original mold.

Send us your mold, and we will have it laser scanned, create the engineered drawings and manufacture as many cavities as you need.

CARSON CITY – Two bills that would close loopholes and increase transparency in Nevada’s election and campaign finance laws won approval in the Assembly today with no time to spare.

Secretary of State Ross Miller is seeking the bills restricting the use of multiple political action committees to bypass campaign contribution limits and requiring electronic filing of campaign contribution and expense reports by most candidates.

White confided to Something About the Author that he liked stories which dealt with ordinary people who survived in the face of terrible hardship.