Benaughty dating site tips dating woman going through divorce

Do not join this site or any site linked to them (there are several) they take payments from your account even after you speak to customer service to cancel your subscription and repeat billing.

They try to talk you in to swapping to another one of their sites.

As soon as I was asked where I go for vacation the penny dropped as no Aussie takes a vacation - we take holidays.

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I rang them to cancel and they keep billing and sending messages To cancel your sub you have to find the option first which is well hidden, and then they won't do it unless you call an operator. Also a lot of chat girls without pics and plenty of unfinished profiles spamming your inbox.

Not sure if they are bots or cam girls but very annoying.

Emailed them they give a lame excuse that I was offered a subscription to another site (this did not happen) so they continued to charge me.

They say all calls are recorded that's how they know I was offered a different site, IF they recorded calls they would hear me say how they are a scam site and I want my subscription to be cancelled.

After you create a free profile you are bombarded by lots of pretty women wanting to contact you.