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“These pills also suppress the appetite, so the sex workers do not feel how hungry they are.” Hossain contends that this issue is also just one aspect of the much larger issue of women and girls’ oppression in Bangladesh.

“Sex workers are called potita in Bengali, which means ‘the fallen group of society,’” Hossain says.

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The use of this cow steroid amongst prostitutes in Bangladesh is so widespread that the British charity, Action Aid, which has done some of the most extensive research in the field, reports 90% of commercial sex workers are addicted to the drug.

Many of them were turned into addicts by their madams.

This is a basic human right.” Tasmima Hossain, former member of Parliament in Bangladesh and longtime feminist, suggests that the core issue is poverty, which informs every aspect of this problem.

“Poverty pushes women to do anything to survive,” Hossain explains to me.

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