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Tip #1: Do a Pre-Date Research If it’s setup by a friend or a family member, fish some information from them. Or, if you met on a dating site, exchange emails or call her up. Perhaps you could have a date at the zoo, or something like that.

At least you’ll have time to fix yourself, condition your mind, and ensure that everything’s right on track.

And oh, if she’s late, don’t be such a jerk about it. Tip #4: Don’t Be a Conversation Hog Repeat after me: This is not about me. This best dating tips for men may sound ridiculous, but it’s just a major turn off for women to date a guy who can’t stop talking about himself.

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To help you navigate even the most awkward moments, we've compiled our 50 best dating tips—some new, some old—given to us by experts, moms, women like you, and even Justin Timberlake.