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This resulted in an unresolved debate between Daredevil fans, who could not decide overall whether or not the film was a successful or failed attempt at adapting the character onto the screen. Adapting Characters to film using Geoffrey Wagner’s Taxonomic Approach to Adaptation and Fan Fidelity has had a variety of different artists and writers in its 40 plus years of publishing, and therefore it is not surprising that the character had a variety of different costumes as well as personalities.

After the filming of 'My Roanoke Nightmare' Shelby thought things would get better. The connection between them was broken beyond repair. He wouldn't return any of her calls or messages, which was understandable. Shelby wrote about how she liked to cook and watch movies. ' Shelby hit send, quickly exiting the app and turning off her screen. She opened the app and wrote back.'Is dinner at 5pm on Friday okay? They had both had a fair amount to drink."Here's the bedroom." Audrey hummed, leading Shelby in."You can stay here. Shelby tugged Audrey onto the bed gently, watching her eyes."Please stay." She barely breathed."Please." She begged, leaning in a little closer to Audrey. After acting as her for so long it was hard not to.

She thought that she and Matt would have recovered, as would their relationship. He was almost fixated on going back to the house, yet Shelby couldn't understand why. It had given her a chance to work on herself; to restore balance in her mind. She could never justify what she had done, and once Matt had found out, he filed for a divorce. She wasn't really familiar with how the website worked.

The film had tried very hard to be faithful to the character’s source; it had included popular characters, themes, relationships and a variety of intertextual and interlinking homages to the history of the character.

Not only this, but the director insisted for the studio to release special editions and director’s cuts for over two years after the film’s initial release; this allowed the film to be more faithful to his version of the film and therefore more faithful to the character.

Matt would come home later and later until Shelby barely saw him at all. Audrey had applied to many different kinds of dating websites.