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“I am in love with someone that I love with every inch of my being and he wants a kid so we are going to keep trying,” she said recently, and confessed that if she and Reggie have sex “two or three times” in a day that that is “a slow day.” However, Tami also recently acknowledged that she has suffered three miscarriages while together with Reggie, and her trouble conceiving a third child led her to the doctor during Basketball Wives LA Season 3.

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Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, Shaunie O' Neal, Tami Roman and Angel Brinks returned for the season.

La Tosha Duffey and Angel Love joined the main cast.

star’s recent visit to a fertilization specialist for a new outlook on her ability to concieve was chronicled in the show’s most recent episode.

Unfortunately, the outlook might not be good for Tami and her long-term partner Reggie Youngblood. “The emotional aspect of it all–nobody goes through that but me,” Tami says, breaking down into tears as Lyric comforts her.

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