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A Mark Group offers a fun way to meet new people and get closer to people you already know.

You can be the center of attention, hang back, or do anything in-between.

(There are many books on the chakras and you can learn more by viewing a Journeys to Tantric Bliss tribe favorite 28 minute "The Illuminated Chakras" on You Tube. Energy orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, reminding you who you are beyond your everyday reality. Some are very strong, and some are wonderfully subtle. Energy orgasms will clear the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. Make them completely circular with no pauses between inhales and exhales. Rock your pelvis, arching your lower back on the inhale, flattening on the exhale. Circulate from heart to throat, heart to throat (4th and 5th chakras).

Generally, the more time you put into building up the energy, the more powerful the sensations. They put a bounce in your step, give you a positive outlook, energize and yet relax the body, and balance the chakras. Squeeze the pubo-coccygeus muscles (the muscles you squeeze to stop the flow of urine) on the exhale. Circulate from belly to heart, belly to heart (3rd and 4th chakras). When the energy moves up, you may automatically make some sounds.

One of the most important keys to learning this technique is KNOWING that it is possible.