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Filled with quotations from Zen, Sufi, and other wisdom traditions, and informed by the experiences of people from all walks of life, here is a relationship book that will appeal to readers looking for more than a Venus-meets-Mars solution to the complex affairs of the heart. After many failed romances and at the tender age of 22, I was starting to become a little cynical.

This book redirected me to a healthier and more loving place--a place where I learn to love and respect myself before getting involved with anyone else.

Yes, the urge to feel loved and have romance in my life is still there but now I look at it with different eyes--now I ask myself, what is this loneliness signaling?

Am I loving and nurturing mysel What an appropriate book at this point in my life.

It also got you to write out what you really felt was your essence and how a partner could inform that, and how you could come to terms with growing within those conditions Mostly th I think the most important lesson is that is one of the noble truths taught in Buddhism and other spiritual traditions is that attachment leads to suffering.