Christian dating questions men jessica39s guide to dating on the dark side

More important than what your church tells you is what God tells you.When you pray about the person you want to date, does God lead you toward them or away from them?

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Keeping God first in your life may be difficult when attempting to date someone, but as a Christian, this should always remain your priority.

If only they had online dating in Biblical times, life in Bethlehem may have been a little different…

Some Christians even feel that non believers are less likely to convert if they think they will not be allowed to have intimate relationships outside of marriage — an idea that is supported by anecdotal truth.

For instance, I know I would be less likely to be involved in a religion that forbids me to have an intimate relationship — much less if that religion forbids me from even touching or thinking about a woman I have feelings for.

Christian dating brings up questions about appropriate intimacy, maintaining a proper relationship with Christ, honoring God through your dating relationship, and following the teachings of Christ while remaining a happy couple.