Cipap melayu tembam kl ancap

So the lowly two-star rating for the Mustang fastback has come as a shock to many, especially considering the car is the first in the history of the nameplate to be engineered for both left and right-hand-drive (as tested) from the outset.

READ MORE: * Car companies rush crash testing ahead of stricter requirements * Ancap urges car companies to 'step-up' over safety The rating only applies to the V8-powered fastback/coupe.

Ancap testing includes a frontal offset impact at 64kmh, a side-impact from a 950kg trolley ast 50kmh, a 40kmh pedestrian-impact test, a side pole-impact at 29kmh close to the driver's head and a whiplash test equivalent to a 32kmh crash.

Points are also awarded (and necessary to achieve high scores) for driver-assistance and active-safety features.

The LHD Mustang has fared much better in American tests.