Crystalens accommodating lens

Crystalens can be implanted in patients over 50 years old with or without cataracts.

The Crystalens Multifocal IOL was first approved by the FDA in November 2003, and is the first and only accommodating intraocular lens implant that focuses like the eye’s natural lens.

It provides excellent adjustable focus for continuous vision far and near, and also provides optimal night vision that surpasses other multifocal lens implants.

The Crystalens is designed to mimic the flexibility of the natural lens by including a hinge that flexes forward and backward based on the eye’s natural muscle movements.

The lens rests back in the eye for distance vision, flexes forward for intermediate vision, and flexes further forward into the front of the eye for near vision.

Over time, cataracts cloud the lens and do not allow light to reach the retina, producing blurred vision.