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What the judges say: Maks thinks his brother's dance is the performance of the night so far (and rewards them with a 10).Bruno tells Bindi she's "the essence of joy" and calls her foot placement "immaculate." Carrie Ann compliments Bindi on the trust she has in her partners, and says she showed a new level of flair.

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Seems like Louis should take a cue from this dance - Paula isn't going to win the competition on her footwork alone, but a little fun never killed anyone.

This is definitely the most engaging dance we've seen her perform yet, and it's such a fun, feel-good number that the lackluster kicks and flicks can't sink it.

What the judges say: Maks says they each did well separately, but didn't connect very well when they were dancing together.

Bruno tells Tamar she had some balance issues with the steps, and her arms were off.

And Julianne says Bindi is a star regardless of who she's dancing with.