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I know I will always be second to him and I know I am not the child's mother, but I am struggling with being a babysitter every other week -- rather than being courted or loved by my boyfriend, as I would when we dont have the child.Furthermore, he is suffering from guilt to the point where the child has the most say in all situations -there is very little structure or discipline.when dealing with morals, standards, punishment and consequences.

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Molly Good Golly - I took your advice and we sat down and carefully went over both of our expectations and ideas about raising children and how we would do this together, hypothetically. However, since then two things have occurred that I think I handled incorrectly -- yet at the time I was very hurt.

I dont have anyone else to discuss this with and your opinion would mean a lot to me.

But, I feel like I lose my relationship every other week and endure things I am not comfortable with. I have never had children or a divorce, so this is new to me. Samantha, I recognize how difficult it can be to enter into a relationship with a man who has a child.

My boyfriend has been married twice and has one child - our histories have always been different.. Everything you are feeling and saying is understandable, and it is certainly not for everyone.

First, I'd address the issue of the repremanding the children: It is his child, and as such the disciplining and rules are between them.