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You have to pretend that your life is so full time slipped by without so much as a third thought about him. Maybe he’s always keeping you waiting or you feel like he’s only half invested.

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Trying to use clues and behavior to prove commitment or interest never works.

A man might really like you but that doesn’t mean he’ll date you the way that you want him to.

The first few days after the date, I entered an intense period of self-examination. I assumed he was intimidated by me, or maybe it was a bad time, or maybe he wanted to take things slowly. Whether we try to decipher why our crush hasn’t yet figured out he needs to take us on a date or why a guy we thought we had a great time with (GASP). Through a ten-year interview project, she discovered the reason you aren’t getting asked out on dates or the reason he never called again might be more in your hands than you ever thought.

After several days finally came crashing down on the conclusion he thought I was fat or perhaps the zit on my chin grossed him out. Rachel grouped the men’s responses into 10 types of women who don’t get called back.

This is what you need to know when waiting for a man to call. The classic advice taught for centuries that suggests that when a man gets a woman’s number he should wait three days to call.