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I agree that there is nothing worse than someone trying to cheer you up when you are feel depressed.

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I just want him to know that I love and will never leave him because of his disease and to how do get him to believe me U cant, i tried and pleaded and begged. God is helping me and i still pray 4 her to get better. And being away from her is the only right thing 2 do if I value myself.

Be strong, cut him off completly before it destroys u.

What I need the most when I'm going through an episode is to hear that there is hope somewhere down the line.

In the midst of my pain, I'm not always capable of sustaining that belief, so someone else has to be the custodian of my hope. We may be a challenging breed at times, but if you're after easy, superficial emotions, look elsewhere.

As a bipolar person, having support around me is extremely important. I once had a boyfriend practically make me watch a thirty minute internet video of Tony Robbins when I was depressed and then he gave me a personal lecture regarding how I could "kick" myself out of depression by writing down some of my goals.