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It could do with a few functional improvements but as dating sites go, it does what it says on the tin and in its free option, there are enough vital functions to help you get by. I am a single mom with a child but did a very foolish thing and loaned him money. When I asked for it back (long past when he promised ) he never spoke to me again. I hope he can live with the fact that a single mother loaned him money and that's what he does in the end. I met a great person off line through my job and that scum bucket is behind me. If you're looking for a good woman, you won't find them here.

However, the troubling things I've found are the user base quality and, now I've read a few reviews here and joined some dots, some of the site's practices. My favorite is when they choose to meet you but then when you message them they just view your profile and don't respond.

Finally unless you are super lonely and desperate don't go near any female with kids - they are after casual sex (even though they might not admit it) or someone to be a father figure.

If its a half-decent looking girl - establish the sexual parameters early on or they will ditch you and look for a another guy because you've been too nice.

Either way, my experience so far of POF has been somewhat dodgy but I'll persevere for another few months and see if things improve. I have been on POF for a long time , with very little luck , have been on dates that have led to short relationships .